jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

Adventure to the Pyramid a rewarding experience

Once again the Trazabosque’s adventure to the Pyramid would not disappoint, as it continues to be a rewarding experience for anyone wanting to engage in an exhilarating activity. It was my second visit to the Pyramid and no feeling is more satisfying than accomplishing a personal challenge. On my first visit to the city of Ocoa (February 2011), I was unable to reach the pyramid and exited the trail at the 22nd kilometer mark. However, surrounded by a positive environment and a group of people who only offered words of wisdom and encouragement, I felt the need to complete the trail on my second attempt. The promise I made back in February to complete the trail was maintained and realized this October. The Pyramid experience, in its entirety, not only provides an impressive bike route through one of the country’s best looking scenery, but if fosters an increase in self-confidence, reliance, and relationship building with people of all kind. Finally, I want to thank “El Americano” and the rest of the Trazabosques team for a great time and the privilege of getting to know them personally.


David Ciappolino
EL Piloto

Aviso:  Reunión mañana a partir de las 5:30 PM en el nido, para los interesados en participar en la 4ta etapa de la Vuelta a la Isla.  Calle Dr. Piñeyro #104, casi esq. Padre Pina, Zona Universitaria.